HOL Frequently Asked Questions

Q: All this talk about witchcraft, magick, and spells makes me uncomfortable based on my upbringing. How should I approach this?

A: First, here in the United States we have "freedom of religion" and even though our money says "in god we trust" doesn't necessarily mean only a Christian God..  There's many similarities to other religions besides just Christianity. For example, some believe in the holy trinity, and others believe in the power of three.  Some believe in one God, and others believe in one Universe. Then we have prayers, and spells. Or how about Archangels and Saints, vs. Pagan Gods and Goddesses?   In many ways they're similar with intent but have different names.


Q: Do I have to change what I believe in just to become a part of HOL?

A: No, not at all. You probably seek enlightenment and don't have much interest in reading text book after text book about different things.  With us, you can get hands-on experience and the chance to truly see changes in energy exchange with other members. Even better, there's probably things that you know that you can share and help others also. It's a two-way street at all times.


Q: Why do some of your events require payment?

A: Simple!  Most of our Elders do certain classes on a volunteer basis but they need funding to pay for xerox handouts or other supplies..  Even for gas money if they need to travel a distance to the teaching site. Many live on tight budgets and therefore your payment contributes to cover their expenses.


Q: Is this some kinda thing for Gay people cuz I'm really not into that?

A: What you do with what's in your heart and your soul has nothing to do with what's between your legs.  Unless of course you assume it's all the same. Then, you probably need to do a little more work on your own self-identity. We have no intention of forcing you to think one way or the other but the key to all this is RESPECT and COMPASSION even if it doesn't interest you.  If one universal power created all humans then what gives you the right to judge?

"Do as thou wilt.. but harm thee none along the way." = The most powerful rule/commandment of them all.


Q: The bible says that XXXX is a sin, and XXXX is a sin, so how can I take part in these kind of topics?

A: The bible also says that if you eat shrimp you're going to hell also..  So when's the last time you did that?  It's important to know that your bible is nothing more than a roadmap to how we should conduct our lives. Don't believe me? Then go out and read some of these contradiction facts and then tell me that what you believe is cast in stone. Shouldn't you be a bit more respectful of the theological data that's over 6,000 years old?  How old is your bible? Neither pathway is better or worse..  they're similar and also just a bit different.  I doubt you're going to hell for educating yourself, or for who you love, or for how you earn your living, or for how much shrimp, or even bacon that you've eaten..  Do the math!!

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